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IO-Link is a point-to-point communication interface include enabling parametrization of sensors and actuators using a PC / Notebook and an interconnected master module. Sensors with IO-Link can with help of a suitable IO-Link master module easily be integrated into any common bus-system. The Sensor delivers via IO-Link continuously process data.

EGE delivers the IOL-Master-Set V1.1. for the connection of IO-Link Sensors to laptop or PC including all necessary cables. The corresponding software is available for free.


Programmable air flow sensor LDN 1000
The LDN 1009 GAPL detects air flow and temperature in compressed air networks. It display current air consumption of a connected tool or system component in an easy-to-read display and responds quickly to any changes in flow speed. At the same time, the sensor can be used to measure air consumed in standard litres or standard cubic metres.

» Application LDN 1000

» Download IO Device Description (IODD) for LDN


Flow sensors SDNC 500
SDNC 500 sensors with IO-Link function are the smart solution for process monitoring. They can measure the flow speed and temperature in fluid mediums. To do so, there is a configuration software which configures the sensors via an IO-Link / USB master. The models ...GAPL provide flow data for water-based mediums as as linear otuput signal.

» Application SDNC 500

» Download IO Device Description (IODD) for SDNC


Programmable flow sensor SNS 552
The SNS 552 GAPL is a thermal flow sensor, for detection of the flow speed and the temperature of waterbased liquid medias in a pipeline. With the parameterizable inner diameter of the measuring pipe it calculates the current fluid consumption and displays it in the easy-to-read display in litres per minute or cubic metre per hour. For monitoring the flow condition the sensor has two independent switching outputs or an analog current output.

» Application SNS 552

» Download IO Device Description (IODD) for SNS 552


Air flow controller with IO-Link interface LN 520 / LG 518
The LN 520 GPL / 518 GPL is a thermal flow monitor and detects the air flow and temperature of non-explosive gaseous media.
The illuminated cable outlet signals the flow status to the user in various colours. The PNP switching output in SIO mode or the process data with measured values for flow and temperature in IO-Link mode are available for further processing. The dependence of the measured flow value on the air flow is non-linear.

EGE LG 518_LN 520

» Application LN 520 / LG 518

» Download IO Device Description (IODD) for LN 520 / LG 518

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