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EGE Strömungssensor SDN 503/1 / EGE Flow sensor SDN 503/1

Dynamic flow sensor

Compact - Fast response - Reliable

• Monitoring of flow pulses
• Suitable for short dispensing cycles in minimal
• Detects small amounts of dosing quantity
• Sensitivity adjustable
• Switching output PNP-NO

The SDN 501/1 GSP-DYN is a thermal flow sensor, which detects smallest dispensing volumnes. It responds to the set in of the flow of a fluid, for example caused by the actuation of a dosing piston.

• Sensitivity adjustable by potentiometer
• Switch-off delay adjustable by potentiometer up to 10 seconds
• LED signal when puls detected
• Operation indication with green LED
• Usable with many mediums

  Data sheet Flow sensor SDN 501/1 GSP-DYN

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