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EGE Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors

EGE ultrasonic sensors for contactless measuring of distances are robust in design and waterproof (IP 67.) They are available for switching points from 10 to 3500 mm and are programmable as well.

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EGE-Ultrasonic Sensors

Brochure Ultrasonic sensors

EGE Temperature

Temperature sensors

EGE's programmable temperature sensors feature a compact design and two switching outputs or one analog output. The easy-to-read digital display depicts the temperature to an accuracy of one position after the decimal point.

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EGE-Temperature Sensors

Brochure Temperature sensors

EGE pressure controller

Pressure sensors

EGE pressure sensors feature a flush aluminum ceramic gauge head and are thus suitable for monitoring pressures and fill levels of even polluted and viscous media.

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EGE-Pressure Sensors

Brochure Pressure-level

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