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Programmable air flow sensor LDS 1000

Robust sensor technology - Variable use
• Mass flow measurement of air
• Consumption measurement in compressed air networks
• Pressure- and temperature measurement
• Pipe diameter configurable
• Manipulation detection

The LDS 1000 GAPL detects air flow, pressure and temperature in compressed air networks. It displays the current air consumption in an easy-to-read display and responds quickly to any changes in flow speed. At the same time, the sensor can be used to measure air consumed in standard litres or standard cubic metres.

Functional principle
At the upstream pressure sensing element the airflow causes an overpressure (P) towards a second element (p) on the downsteam side. The differential pressure thus obtained is an amount for the flow velocity. The influence of temperature and absolute pressure on the flow rate is considered by integrated measuring elements. 

LDS 1000_application

Functions (selection)
• Displayed measurand and unit of measurement selectable
• Reference values for standard pressure and standard temperature adjustable
• IO-Link Device V1.1

The adapter is screwed into a welding-sleeve or directly welded to a pipe. The sensor is secured in this adapter using a union nut. Distances required for inlet and outlet are derived from the piping and the existing fittings in front of the sensor.

LDS 1000_mounting

Operation and display
The sensor is parametrized using the front buttons or the IO-Link interface. The 3-digit display shows the measurement values which can be sent as process data to an PLC via the IO-Link connection.

LDS 1000 GAPL • P11388 • ab DN 40

IOL-Master-Set V1.1 • Z01216
Screw-in union
Weld-on union

EGE LDS 1000

Programmable air flow sensor LDS 1000 GAPL

Download IODD
IO Device Description (IODD) für LDS 1000 GAPL

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