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EGE LDN 1000

Programmable air flow sensor LDN 1000

Easy installation - Accurate measurement
• Mass flow measurement of air
• Consumption measurement in compressed air networks
• Easy configuration via IO-Link interface
• User levels configurable
• Manipulation detection

The LDN 1009 GAPL detects air flow and temperature in compressed air networks. It displays current air consumption of a connected tool or system component in an easy-to-read- display and responds quickly to any changes in flow speed. At the same time, the sensor can be used to measure air consumed in standard litres or standard cubic metres.

• Displayed measurand and unit o measurement selectable
• Configurable outputs
• Reference values for standard pressure and standard temperature adjustable
• TAG ID programmable and readable on device
• IO-Link Device V 1.1

The sensor is inserted inline into the pipe line. Any run-in and run-out distances required result from pipe routes and any existing controls and instruments upstream of the sensor.

Operation and display
The sensor is parametrized using the front buttons or the IO-Link interface. Its 6-digits display shows the measurement values which can be sent as process data to an PLC via the IO-Link connection.

LDN 1009_display

User levels
The sensor provides the option to restrict the scope of operation of a user group to the modification of certain parameters.

Manipulation detection
In a non-resettable modification counter, every reparametrization is registered, regardless of whether it was entered via the device buttons or via IO-Link interface. Manipulations are thus detected quickly and reliably.

LDN 1009 GAPL • P11373 • G1/4 • 15 Nm³/h

Mounting plate 72x63x3 • Z01217
IOL-Master-Set V1.1 • Z01216

Data sheet
Programmable air flow sensor LDN 1009

Download IODD
IO Device Description (IODD) für LDN 1009 GAPL

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