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Inductive proximity switches - Applications

Metal face sensors

The inductive proximity switches series IGV are used in areas with heavy-duty mechanical loads at the sensor´s face or where seals between face and housing cannot be used. Chips hitting the front or frequently changing coolants or lubricants do not dimish the function of these proximity switches. The variants with a PTFE coating are particularly well-suited for welding lines and similar environments where sensors are exposed to heavy soiling.
Metal face switches are manufactured from stainless steel and are one solid piece. They detect iron and steel through the metal front face.


The POLAR-switch is ideal for application in cold storage houses and in extreme climate conditions. It is waterproof, safe for cleaning and extremely chemical-resistant. Because of its stainless steel housing, it can withstand vibrations on vehicles. The POLAR-switch is very compact and robust, it can be used from –60 °C to +60 °C.


The TROPICAL switches series IGMF are anticipated for applications in corrosive environment. They are stable particularly at frequent temperature changes and simultaneously high humidity. The permanent work in carwashes is permissible. The high corrosion resisting at simultaneously high mechanical loading capacity is reached through the combination of PTFE and titan stabilized stainless steel. The PTFE-hoods are sealed through fluoroelastomers O-rings surely. The FEP-connecting cable is poured within the housing and freed over a double seal from the housing. Cable lengths up to 100 m are available. The installed LED’s are shining through the cable side cap and don’t break out the case.

120 °C-High temperature switches

The inductive PTFE switches series IGFW and INFW are made entirely of PTFE. The housing cover is securely sealed with a fluoroelastomer O-Ring. These sensors are disigned for particularly difficult and aggressive environmental conditions. They can be used in damp and aggressive environments as well as under water (oil).
IGMT- and IDT-series proximity switches are designed for use in temperatures up to 120 °C.

160 °C-High temperature switches

Inductive compact devices for ambient temperatures up to 160 °C are available flush and non-flush in the standard designs M12, M18 and M30 with switching distances from 2 mm to 15 mm. The material used is the rugged stainless steel housing combined with high temperature resistant PEEK plastic.

250 °C-High temperature switches

The inductive proximity switches series IGH/IDH/IRH are used for ambient temperatures up to 250 °C. The units feature optional a plug connection which withstands high temperatures, allowing users to quickly and easily install a replacement sensor head in case of damage without having to replace the sensor cable. The sensors are particularly suited for operation in extreme heat, e. g. in drying ovens or brick kilns. Manufactured from aluminum / stainless steel and PEEK, the robust sensors can be used in rugged industrial environments. Their electronics are housed separately in a pluggable cable amplifier. The units are connected via a metal armored cable.


Switching amplifiers are designed for induction sensors for which it is necessary to separate the sensor coil from the amplifier, e. g. for operating temperatures above 160 ºC or for sensor coils which must be exchanged due to frequent damage.
The switching amplifiers work statically, that is, if the sensor coil is permanently damped, the switching output also remains activated. Switching interval and hysteresis (IKM 120 GPP, IU 130…) can be set on the amplifier. The sensor cable may have a length of up to 20 m.

Demanding environment

The "Demanding environment" series is especially designed for harsh environments in which sensors are subjected to high electrical, electromagnetic or mechanical stress. For sensors used in critical applications, EGE has developed special inspection and test methods which place particular emphasis on the disturbances that occur in various production environments. The sensors are designed to be very resistant to the interference spectra produced by, e. g., frequency inverters, wireless communication systems and switching power supplies.

Surface sensors IFE…

The switches are build as flat sensors. They are used particularly to detect moving sheet metal or steel rods on conveyor belts. The complete sensor is covered, which make the sensor moisture resistant.
Reduced overall height affects the operating distance (sn). The IFE switches are self-contained with integral amplifier.

Dust- and Gas-Ex sensors

IGEX and IGVEX are sensors for detecting metals in the Ex area zone 0/20 and zone 22 according to ATEX and IECEx. Devices can be delivered in the standard configurations M12, M18 and M30. For extreme environment sensors are available for high and low temperatures (up to +140 °C and down to –60 °C respectively), both in IP 68 / IP 69K.

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