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Flow Sensors - Technique and application


All amplifiers have a multicolour LED display which visually indicates the flow tendency. If the LED light is red, the preinstalled limit value is not reached and the switching output is not activated. The yellow LED indicates that the limit value was reached and the output is active. In addition to the yellow LED, 4 more green LEDs can light up to indicate how much the limit value is exceeded.
For the installation of the amplifiers, make sure that the devices are not subject to heat build-up. The distance between adjacent devices should not be less than 10 mm.

Amplifiers SKZ... and SKM...

Terminal rail devices SKZ... and SKM... are prepared for installation on the top hat rail. They evaluate the signals delivered by the measurement probes and provide relays or analogue outputs. The settings are made using two potentiometers that are accessible from the front or via buttons for SKM 522. In addition, SKZ amplifiers provide a switch-off delay as well as temperature monitoring.

EX amplifiers SEA... and SZA...

For EX measurement probes, the SEA... and SZA... amplifiers are offered. They have their own intrinsically safe circuit to which the measurement probes are connected. This safe circuit is galvanically isolated from the mains and isolated from the relay or analogue output.
The EX amplifiers SEA... and SZA... have to be set up outside of the hazardous area so that at least protection class IP 20 is achieved as specified by EN 60529. During installation either a separator must be used between the intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe connections of the EX amplifier so that the minimum distance is 50 mm (strand size), or each connection must be individually enclosed using a non-slip sleeve (heat shrink sleeve). A crimping sleeve is also permissible.

EX amplifiers SS 400 Ex

The amplifier SS400 has an intrinsically safe circuit to which a measurement probe is connected. This amplifier may be installed in a category 2 hazardous area (zone 1).

Compact devices

Compact devices integrate amplifier and probe within one housing. This permits setting a limit value directly at the measuring location. The cabling is thus reduced to the less interference-prone mains supply cables and the switching output.

SN... / LN... designs

The SC 440 series is available in an all stainless steel design and have been proven for more than 20 years in industrial applications. They are characterized by their small size and ruggedness and are available in a threaded and a plug-in version.
Compact models with plastic housings are offered under the type designations SN 450 / LN 450. They come in a multitude of electrical designs. The devices are available as DC and AC versions and fitted with a PNP, relay or analogue output. Special designs further incorporate limit temperature monitoring or a shut-down time delay.

Inline compact devices SDN

Inline compact devices SDN 500... are inserted inline into a pipe. The measuring pipes are smooth inside and do not have any components protruding into the flow. They are characterised by short response times and a large detection range. Due to their small shape they can also be used where installation room is sparse. The SDN 500... are fitted with PNP, relays, or analog outputs. For pulsating flows the EGE programme contains a compact device capable of detecting very short flows of smallest amounts at the start of the flow.

Inline compact devices SDNC

The SDNC 503 series has a space-saving cubic design. They are characterised by a wide detection range and are operated with a screw adapter which guarantees a favourable flow profile for the flow detection. This series is factory-preset and ready to use in aqueous media. This design also provides a pulse output for easy volume determination.

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