EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH - Special-Sensors for Automation

Flow controller

Strömungswächter Luft kompakt inline/ Air flow controller compact inline

Monitoring the flow speed by using a thermal dynamic technique. Without mechanical moving parts.

Level controller

EGE Füllstandswächter/ EGE Level controller

Detects liquids, granules and powder. When the medium comes in contact with the sensor tip a switching signal is generated.

Inductive proximity switches

EGE Näherungsschalter induktiv/ EGE inductive proximity switch

A frequently used device for positioning, counting and detecting metal objects without contact.

Capacitive proximity switches

EGE Näherungsschalter kapazitiv/ EGE capacitive proximity switch

A frequently used device for positioning, counting and detecting metal and non metal objects without contact.

Opto sensors

EGE Opto/ EGE Optical switch

Diffuse reflective sensors and through beam opto system for all types of applications.

Infrared detectors

EGE Infrarotdetektoren/ EGE Infrared detector

For measuring temperatures or detecting hot objects without contact.


Measuring and monitoring of pressure, temperature, and fill level. Ultrasonic sensor.

Metal detectors

EGE Metalldetektor/ EGE Metal detector

Detection of metal parts in non-metal products.


EGE Luftströmung ATEX/ EGE Air flow controller ATEX

Flowcontroller and level controller for application in explosive and hazardous areas. Inductive NAMUR switches.



IO-Link is a point-to-point communication interface include enabling parametrization of sensors and actuators using a PC / Notebook and an interconnected master module.


EGE Zubehör/ EGE Accessories

Plug connector, cable, assembly and installation equipment, adaptor.

Product News

EGE continuously develops new products that are tailor-made to fit special customer needs and demands.

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