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15. 4. 2009

High-performance inline flow and temperature controller

Gettorf – EGE's new inline sensor SDN 552/4 can control heavy flows up to 100 l/min.

Gettorf – EGE’s new inline sensor SDN 552/4 can control heavy flows up to 100 l/min. The model complements the sensor expert’s series of space-saving one-device solutions for monitoring flow rates and medium temperatures. The flow meter is designed for monitoring water flows. Features include one analog output (4…20 mA) for flow, one analog output for temperature, and a three-digit digital display. Users can easily program flow rate adjustment and averaging. Current readings and programmed parameters can be accessed anytime. The programming functions are secured by an access code which can also be programmed.
SDN 552/4 devices monitor medium temperatures between 0 and 90 °C. They are suited for flow rates between 10 and 100 l/min. The sensors are based on the thermodynamic principle. They have no moving parts which protrude into the medium. They withstand pressures up to 20 bar and feature IP 65 protection. The sensors are fitted directly into pipes via a G3/4 thread. They are connected via an M12 plug connector.

EGE Inline-Strömungswächter 100 l/min / EGE inline-flow controller 100 l/min

Figure: Inline flow and temperature controller for up to 100 l/min

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