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New MDVH amplifier for System 3000 metal detectors

• Improved sensitivity

• Reliably detects metal parts in the transported material

• Protects cutting units, grinders, rollers and crushers
  against metal parts

• Automatic calibration

• Self-monitoring

EGE has developed the new, compact, and highly robust MDVH amplifier with enhanced noise immunity for its System 3000 industrial metal detector. The MDVH unit features automatic self-calibration, which ensures safe function even if there are metal fittings near the detector coil. The sensitivity of the inductive detector coils can be adjusted with a potentiometer. The amplifier features a 260 x 160 x 90 mm wide aluminum housing with IP67 ingress protection. It is designed for an extended temperature range of -25 °C to +70 °C. EGE's System 3000 is used in conveyor lines for noncontact detection of metal parts that could damage downstream machines or degrade the quality of bulk solids. Thanks to its robust design, the system is suited for outdoor use in harsh environments. The size of detected parts varies for different models. The new MDVH amplifier and the standard EGE model MU 3300 are geared to medium-sized parts such as longer nails, nuts, wire, or silverware. MDV series devices are designed to protect machinery by identifying larger metal parts such as excavation bucket teeth or parts of tools and enclosures.

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