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New level sensors from EGE with I/O-Link

• High accuracy and measurement reliability
  even under difficult conditions

• For liquids from oil to water

• With IO-Link

• Short response times

• Wetted parts: PEEK, stainless steel

With the MFN series, EGE introduces a new generation of level sensors with guided microwave: thanks to its I/O-Link interface, the series enables continuous access by PLCs to process and parameterization data. Using an IO-Link master, the sensors can be connected to any common bus system and easily parameterized using a PC or notebook. The guided microwave measuring principle offers high reliability and insensitivity to temperature influences, density or pressure. This ensures precise measurements in liquids such as water, oil and emulsions and pasty media. The MFN series is characterized by a particularly short response time to level changes. The EGE sensors have a display unit that outputs the measured level in mm, cm, inch, litre or percent depending on the coeasy readnfiguration. The housing with LED display can be rotated 360°- the display is flippable. MFN level sensors have IP67 protection and are designed for a temperature range from –25 to +85 °C. The MFN level sensors can be used in a wide range of applications. Depending on the application, the sensors are available with single or double coaxial probes. For probes used in aggressive media, EGE also uses special materials such as Hastelloy or titanium. On request, the manufacturer also adapts the sensors for customer-specific tank geometries and difficult installation conditions.

  Fill level meter MFN 075

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