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EGE Luftstromsensor Serie LDN / EGE Air flow sensor Series LDN

Measuring device for compressed air

Consumption measurement in compressed air networks:

• Leakage detection
• Additional measurement of temperature and pressure
• User levels configurable
• Manipulation detection
• Easy configuration via IO-Link interface

The Sensors support a broad variety of options for energy-efficient monitoring and control of compressed air networks. the LDN 1009 measures compressed air consumption and flow, detects even minor leakages and features many extra operating modes such as dosage function, temperature measurement, hysteresis function or off-delay.

The Sensors of the series LDN, LDV and LDS show air usage of a connected plant section, machine or tool in a clear 6-digit display. In addition to that the sensors can be configured very comfortably from a PC or laptop using the IO-Link interface. Via IO-Link it can also be connected directly to a common bus-system. Process values can thus be read out by a PLC. In addition to two programmable outputs, functions include a manipulation detection by means of a non-resettable modification counter as well as an option to customize the scope of available functions for different user groups.

Series LDN

The LDN 1009 measures compressed air consumtion, flow, and temperature. Due to its high sensitivity the calorimetric sensor detects even very small leakages. The sensor is designed for simple inline insertion into the pipe.

Detection range: 0.04 – 15 m³/h   0.5...250.0 l/min
Connection: G¼ thread

EGE LDN 1009

  Data sheet Compressed air meter LDN 1009

Series LDV

The air flow sensor LDV is suitable for pipelines of 1" and 1,5" diameter and compressed air flow up to 750 m³/h. In addition to that, the sensor measures temperature and pressure. Due to the rugged working principle (differential pressure) the sensor is resistant against contaminates within the compressed air. The sensor is designed for simple inline insertion into the pipe.

LDV 1025:
Detection range: 3 - 420 m³/h   50...7000 l/min
Connection: G1, DIN ISO 228-1

LDV 1040:
Detection range: 5 - 750 m³/h   80...12500 l/min
Connection: G1½, DIN ISO 228-1

  Data sheet compressed air meters LDV 1000

Series LDS

The insertion probe LDS is suitable for flow measuring in pipelines with diameters up to 200 mm. It works according to a specific version of the differential pressure principle and is thus resistant against contaminates within the compressed air. The sensor delivers in addition to the consumption values the values of measured temperature and pressure.

Detection range: Depends on pipe diameter
Connection: Cutting ring stud. The probe is fixed in the optimal insertion depth.

EGE LDS 1000

  Data sheet compressed air meter LDS 1000

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