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Protection for sensors in rugged environments

Together with an automotive manufacturer, EGE has developed a protective bracket for inductive proximity switches that considerably increases the sensors' lifespan. During the production process, parts that repeatedly touch the sensors can cause mechanical damage that destroys them little by little. This is now prevented by means of a special clamping block which is designed to hold the sensor surface behind a fixed stop, requiring no adjustment. This prevents any direct contact yet ensures the reliable detection of workpieces. The combination of stainless steel sensor and clamping block is suitable for especially demanding environments where excellent resistance to shock, vibration, and impacts is essential.

The units are designed for use with the M12, M18, and M30 sizes from EGE's IGV series of stainless steel inductive proximity sensors which are especially impact-resistant. They also withstand vibrations, metal cuttings and abrasive media as well as aggressive cooling liquids and lubricants, which makes them ideally suited for use in extremely rugged industrial environments. Moreover, they ensure excellent electromagnetic compatibility.

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