EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH - Special-Sensors for Automation


Junction Box GS for heavy-duty applications

• Boxes for the connection of 1...4 sensors
• Aluminium housing resistant to rolling oil, IP 68
• Instant replacement with push-pull connector
• Temperature resistant
• Oil and emulsion mist are no problem
• Robust, multicore TPE cable for power supply
  and signal transmission

The GS connection distributor is used to connect one to four sensors with robust cable connection in the heavy-duty range. If a sensor has to be replaced, only the sensor with cable up to the junction box has to be changed. The cabling from the junction box to the control cabinet or the control system remains in place. A simple but robust plug-in connection facilitates the connection of new sensors.

  Junction Box Series GS

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