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Suitable for limited installation spaces

MFP sensors from EGE safely and precisely detect fill levels of a wide range of media, including oil, water, emulsions and bulk solids such as cereals or soy flour. Based on the guided pulse radar principle, they operate reliably regardless of foaming, medium density, temperature and pressure. Available with a single probe, parallel probes or a coaxial probe, the systems can be optimally adapted to the requirements of liquid and solid media. In addition to excellent vibration resistance, MFP sensors with a coaxial probe provide reliable, exact measurements of liquids in very narrow containers where users cannot implement a minimum distance to the container wall. They are available with two PNP switching outputs or with an analog 4…20 mA current output. By means of a ¾” thread, the sensors are fitted into containers from above. The maximum standard sensor length is 80 cm. On request, EGE also delivers special lengths. The sensor housing, which is rotatable by 360°, includes an LC display with a control panel for easy sensor adjustment. Additionally, a model without a display is available for cost-sensitive applications.

Thanks to their measuring principle, the sensors do not require moving parts: inside the probe, a radar pulse is emitted and reflected upon contact with the medium surface. The resulting "echo" is analyzed to measure the fill level. This provides excellent reliability and a ±5 mm measuring accuracy for all media. Suitable for applications with limited installation space, the IP67 sensors are designed for media temperatures between 0 and +80 °C.

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